How to do 2 Diabolos

Spyros 2D Combo

2D Passing (Ge)

Sprinkler (Ge)

2D Infinite Entry (Ge)

Vortex (Ge)

Inside Transfer (Ge)

Transfer & Stick Release (Ch)

Hand Throws (Ch)

Trapeze to the Right (Ge)

2D Rocket Start (Ge)

Hook Stall Double Release

Starting 2D Shuffle (Ch)

2D Correction (Ch)

Infinite Sprinkler (Ch)

2D Basic Tricks (Ch)

2D Wrapping Diabolos (Ch)

Two 2D Starts (Ge)

Vortex (Ch)

Snake (Ch)

Reverse Transfer (Ch)

2D Hover Start (Fn)

Yueyue Longmen Unlock (Ch)

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