Helicopter (Ge)

Basic Suicide (Fn)

Infinite Suicide (Fn)

Trapeze Suicide

Duicide Cradle (Fn)

Trapeze with Suicide (Fn)

Suicide to the Right (Fn)

Infinite Suicide (Ch)

Infinite Suicide

Mini Genocide Start (Ge)

Mini Genocide to Right (Ge)

Stick Grind Suicide (Ge)

Slowcide (Ge)

Mini Gen Combo 1 (Ge)

Mini Genocide

The Angler (Ge)

Open Suicide (Ge)

Suicide – Diver (Ge)

5 Basic Suicides

Slowcides (Ch)

Duicide (Fn)

Milking the Cow (Fn)

3 Exits for Infinite Suicide

Genocide Overview II (Ch)

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