Marko’s Leg Cobo (Fn)

Both Arms Orbit (Fn)

Knot Trick (Fn)

Eiffel Elevator into Whip (Fn)

Figure 8 (Fn)

Infinite Suicide (Fn)

Popcorn (Fn)

Finger Grind Combo (Fn)

Popcorn Variation (Fn)

String Grabbing the Diabolo (Fn)

Monorail (Fn)

Leg Orbit Passing

Stricken (Ge)

Golf Whip (Fn)

Wrapping the Diabolo (Fn)

Ollin Kick Up (Fn)

Saskan Slack Whip (Fn)

Circle Acceleration (Fn)

Revolution Kit Trapeze (Fn)

Archer Whip (Fn)

Helicopter (Ge)

Coffee Grinder (Ge)

Trapeze Suicide

Chinese Acceleration (Fn)

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