Cat’s Cradle (Ch)

Trapeze / Stopover (Fn)

Grinds (Fn)

Catch/Sun Behind Shoulders (Fn)

Leg Orbit (Fn)

Right Arm Orbit (Fn)

Basic Suicide (Fn)

Darkside Combo (Ge)

Cats Cradel Variation (Ge)

The Carousel Hop

The Carousel (Ge)

Tap and Touch Corrections

Suns (Fn)

Neck Trampoline (Fn)

J-Whip (Fn)

Coffee Grinder (Fn)

Eiffel Tower #2 (Fn)

Foot Stomp Elevator (Fn)

The Diamond (Ge)

Marko’s Leg Cobo (Fn)

Both Arms Orbit (Fn)

Knot Trick (Fn)

Eiffel Elevator into Whip (Fn)

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