Wrap in Front of Right Arm (Ge)

Grind Tennis (Ge)

Side to Side Suns (Ge)

Behind the Back Orbit (Ge)

1D Passing (Ge)

Helicopter (Ge)


Trapeze Combo 1 (Ge)

Arm String Wrap Combo (Ch)

Arm Orbit Routine 3 (Ch)

Monorail (Ch)

Bridge (Ge)

Arm Orbit – Big Sun Exit (Ch)

Arm Orbit (Ch)

Monorail (Ch)

Arm Combo (Ch)

Zhuan-Zhuan Integral Combo (Ch)

Throwing & Skipping (Ch)

1D High Throws (Ch)

1D Orbit (Ch)

Hand Spin Start (Ch)

Hand Throws (Ch)

20-Second Lantern

Chinese Eiffel Tower

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