Bridge (Ge)

20-Second Lantern

Chinese Eiffel Tower

Golden Bridge

Cats Cradel Variation (Ge)

The Carousel (Ge)

Coffee Grinder (Fn)

Eiffel Tower #2 (Fn)

The Diamond (Ge)

Knot Trick (Fn)

Stricken (Ge)

Helicopter (Ge)

Coffee Grinder (Ge)

Witch House 2.0 (Ge)

Slack Eiffel Trapeze (Fn)

The Helicopter (Fn)

The Box (Fn)

Eiffel Tower

2 x Spider Spin

3 x Magic Knots

Cat’s Cradle with Variation

Finger Grind Trapeze (Fn)

Inverse Trapeze

X Cradle

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