5 Orbital Tricks in 5 Minutes

5 x Around the Leg Tricks

Leg Orbit Basics & Combos

Wrap in Front of Right Arm (Ge)

Behind the Back Orbit (Ge)

Arm String Wrap Combo (Ch)

Arm Orbit Routine 3 (Ch)

Monorail (Ch)

Arm Orbit – Big Sun Exit (Ch)

Arm Orbit (Ch)

Monorail (Ch)

Arm Combo (Ch)

Hip Bounces (Ch)

Neck Tie (Ch)

Wrap Start with Leg (Ch)

Catch/Sun Behind Shoulders (Fn)

Leg Orbit (Fn)

Right Arm Orbit (Fn)

Neck Trampoline (Fn)

Marko’s Leg Cobo (Fn)

Both Arms Orbit (Fn)

Figure 8 (Fn)

Popcorn (Fn)

Popcorn Variation (Fn)

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