Trapeze Suicide

Chinese Acceleration (Fn)

Jussi’s Leg Combo (Fn)

Witch House 2.0 (Ge)

Throw Cradle (Fn)

Sharpener Grind (Fn)

Duicide Cradle (Fn)


Circular Toss (Orbit)

Acceleration Grind (Fn)

Slack Eiffel Trapeze (Fn)

Hand Throw Start (Fn)

Stick Throw Start (Fn)

Trapeze with Suicide (Fn)

Suicide to the Right (Fn)

Arm Orbit Change Direction (Fn)

Around Arm Back Recapture (Fn)

Inverted Trapeze Rotation (Fn)

Slack Whip Combo (Fn)

Whip with Stick Catch (Fn)

The Helicopter (Fn)

The Box (Fn)

Hat Trick & Arm Combo (Fn)

Trapeze Combo (Fn)

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